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When you start designing the first mockup of your website, a landing page, or an ad copy, you might need to add some placeholder text to get an overall look and feel of your design. Right?

Placeholder text helps outline the visual elements of your design. The requirements change per your design – at times you may just need a line of text, and in some cases, you will need loads of paragraphs. But, where do you get these so-called ‘placeholder text’.

At Yasza Media, we developed a tool that allows you to generate as many placeholder text infills as you need. It is a great tool for designers, webmasters, or any content creators. We have built this lorem ipsum generator in a way that everyone can benefit from it, and that too without paying a penny. You decide how much text you want and how you want it.

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Before you begin using this tool, here’s a quick background about our lorem ipsum generator tool.

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